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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Friend decoration and Mom


I got this decoration from a friend of mine.  "Friends melt your Heart".  I learned something about this decoration when I took a picture of it and was going to blog about it.  On the one little snow person it has my name.  For some reason all these years I never noticed it. Must be my bad eyes LOL.  Plus, now that I'm thinking about it she probably hand painted it.  She is a very good artist and other years she's given me something handmade.  I love it even more now that I figured that out ;-) (It actually looks better in person; must be the camera flash that makes it look so shiny, oh well)

When we went to visit Mom on Monday, she said some person came down and took something off her bulletin board and wrote something and put it back up.  I went and looked and didn't see anything.  Then I took her back to her room and she showed me.  On the back of this paper that has her room number on it, is a list of things.  It reminded me of a "report card" but with checks.  It had categories like confusion, behavior, how many people they need to assist to get a person up one or two, etc.  Some were blank and some were checked off.  I think this is so if anyone has to do something for mom that doesn't know her they can look at the paper and no what she can and cannot do for herself.  On December 22nd, we will have our first care conference since Mom's been in long term.  I never thought of it this way but now that I've seen the "report card", this conference reminds me of a "parent-teacher" conference.  I'm glad Mom told me about the list so I could look at it so I'll know pretty much what they will say. Thank goodness there weren't any checks for bad behavior LOL.  I had a friend recently email and write  "when did we become the parent" and I knew exactly what she meant.

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