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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wreath et al

A few years ago, my son's girlfriend made us this wreath.  It's out of tied material.  I think it's the cutest thing. I really love handmade things. It looks like it would be easy to make but time consuming.  I remember years ago making wreaths out of coat hangers and tissue paper.  Anyone do this?

When we went to see Mom on Monday, she was in the day room and the activity person was handing out things to each resident.  They must have come from children at a school or church.  When I went to get Mom to take her to the lounge, she had in her hands a glittery decorated ornament on a piece of paper.  Also, a reindeer head made out of popsicle sticks.  It was really cute. 

As I started to push Mom away to go the lounge area, I noticed the woman sitting next to my mom was either licking the reindeer head or was trying to eat it.  I think she doesn't see real well because she had these black lenses in her glasses.  Usually in the morning they give the residents a glass of ginger ale and sometimes a little treat like cookies, chips. 

I felt kinda bad for the woman.  So I said "Oh, that's not something to eat.  That's a reindeer decoration."  She said "That was silly of me."  I told her "Don't worry about it."  I don't know if I should have said something or not.  The activities person was a few people away and didn't see. But I didn't want that poor woman to think that was something to eat.  I just never know when I go there if I should say something when I see something or not. I certainly wouldn't want to embarrass anyone.

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Anonymous said...

Viki, Just to let you know that I have all my kids colorful wreaths just like the one that Jenny made. I kept all of them and they are just the right size to hang on the door. They made them when they were in grade school. As a matter of fact, I saved a lot of the ornaments that they made also from gradeschool. They like to see them hanging on the tree. One of the ornaments was made out of macaronni noodles and has glitter and I sure never saw another one like it.