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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas cards and stuff

These are the Christmas cards I received this year. I don't get as many as I used to but I still send to the people who don't send them back. I've noticed on a lot of blogs people talking about not getting a lot of cards this year.  I don't know if people were just late sending them, it's getting too expensive or with the Internet people are in more contact so they don't send them anymore. 
I used to tape them to the inside of the front door.  Now I tape them to the mirror in the dining room.  My aunt originally had it in her home.  She then gave it to my Mom and she had it for many years.  Then when Mom didn't want it anymore, I took it.  I'm thinking this is probably an antique mirror by now LOL.
Nothing much has been happening.  I'm doing this and that around here but nothing that anyone would notice but me. 
I'm seriously thinking about taking the Christmas decorations down.  I talked to my son and he said he doesn't really care if they are up or not when he comes for a visit.  I would like to get the house back in order.  We'll see.


Cathryn said...

We're having a hard time keeping the Christmas decorations up until January 2nd. The cats keep taking things down!

I'm trying to catch up on things. But I agree--there's not as many Christmas cards being sent out for a variety of reasons. They are expensive, people use texting and email more often, and they take up time. We didn't receive as many either, although we sent out a bunch.

Harvard Housewife said...

Super cute idea! Posting cards on a mirror.

Anonymous said...

I remember that mirror well, it hung on the short wall in our living room and I remember having wedding pictures taken of my reflection in that mirror. Long, long time ago.