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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snowman and Recap

This is a snowman that sits atop my dining room table.  When you take it apart, it all fits into each other. 
The Nativity scene from yesterday came from my brother and sister-in-law.  They brought it back from Mexico when they went on a trip years and years ago.  I still keep it wrapped up and in the same Christmas bag they gave it to me in.  Pretty soon, I'll have to get rid of the bag.  It's seen better days.
We had a very nice Christmas Eve.  My brother and sister-in-law went and saw Mom.  He brought her a bunch of sugar free candy.  He left three bags there and brought the rest so I could disperse it to her over time. They then came over here. We had stuffed cabbage, ham, potato salad and baked beans with sausages.  I also had some candy and nuts out.  After we were done eating and were talking, I brought out the photo album to show my brother and his wife that I made for Mom.  We talked about all the pictures and wondered what happened to us.  We were all much skinnier LOL.  We had an apple pie from Schwan's and some vanilla ice cream but no one was hungry. We opened gifts.  I was happy to have the chocolate covered cherries for them  ;-) . It was a very nice time.  I gave them a tray of stuffed cabbage to take home and some potato salad.  They had ham at home so we didn't give them any. 
When we went to see Mom on Christmas Day, she was so excited.  Santa Claus had come in the morning when she was in her room.  She had me take her back to her room to show me what she got.  She got some candy in a bag, a calendar and a little picture frame.  There were a lot of people visiting residents today and the parking lot was packed.  We called my son and Mom talked to him for a little bit.  I think Mom was very pleased with the photo album.  She went through the whole album.  Hopefully, she will look at it again and again. 
Did you all have a good Christmas Eve and Christmas?

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