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Friday, December 11, 2009

Nursing Home decorations

When we go see Mom we sometimes take her to the lobby.  This is a picture of her sitting in front of the fireplace there; not looking at the camera LOL.

To the right of the fireplace is this Christmas tree

This is her bulletin board I made for her this year.  Probably next year, I will look for something else.  The red handmade Christmas card on the left bottom was from a group of kids that came to sing Christmas carols to the residents.  They gave each resident one. Mom really liked that.  Mom just loves singing.  In fact, I think she is known for HER singing there ;-)

Every Friday some residents sell crafts that they make or sometimes they have a bake sale.  Since mom doesn't have room for a tree I bought this for her.  It's very cute.  It's made out of Styrofoam, with doubled up ribbon stuck in with hat pins and little star decorations.  **********************************************************************************
Since it worked out so well giving the roommate some Thanksgiving decorations I decided to do the same for Christmas.  I took all the little Thanksgiving stuff and just left them on her little dresser under the bulletin board.  I put some of the snowflakes and snowmen up and I also bought her one of those little Christmas trees that I put by the window for her.  When we came back a few days later, not only did she have the decorations that I put for Christmas, she put the Thanksgiving decorations back up on the board too LOL.  I'll probably leave up a few of the decorations for mom after Christmas because it will still be wintertime.  I think I'm going to leave the roommates decorations alone and see how long she keeps them up.   

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Carol Smith said...

Kudos to your DIY decoration project!It made the senior's home much more energetic unlike before. I hope I could do the same for my tacoma wa apartments.