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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Snow people et al

Every day through December I'm going to put a decoration from my house up.  Lucky you, ha.  To make it more boring fun I might tell you something about it.  Since I put the Snow People Welcome up by the 1st and the Tree up on the 2nd, so far I'm right on track. (Wasn't that convenient, since I just thought of doing this during the middle of the night last night).

I love, love snowmen.  In fact, I'm somewhat of a collector of them.  I didn't know I was until a few years ago when I started looking around my house when it was decorated and noticed most of my decorations were snowmen.

Every year I always ask my son to buy me something Christmas.  He got me the stuffed snowman on the left and also if you can see the little Rudolph the Reindeer (musical) were from him. Just click on the picture to get a larger view.

Then there's a glass snowman I got from a friend.Also, the small tiny duck snowman.

The Let It Snow people were actually a gift gone awry.  I bought them from a catalog,  It was supposed to be for a gift exchange.  Believe it or not, it was under $15.  I was expecting this little thing and when UPS came and brought it; I was flabbergasted at the size.  I guess I didn't notice the size when ordering.  I decided to keep them for myself.  They  fit perfectly on that shelf.

The snow people in the bucket, I bought at a craft fair.

edited: I forgot.  You see that shelf?  My husband made that for me one year before Christmas just so I could put more holiday decorations up.  He is very talented.

Not much is going on.  We went to see mom yesterday.  Everything was good over there.

I did laundry and have one more load to do today.  I can't believe I'm going to say this but I cleaned out my sock drawer LOL.  I lead such a fun life.

Have a good day.


gretchen said...

Cute snow people! I envy you that you've done all your decorating already. I've barely started!

Harvard Housewife said...

Love how you have a label called BORING. Hilarious. Anyway you sharing your decorations is inspiring cause I got nothing...yet.

Sue said...

Viki, your craft items are great. I wish I was artistic but I am not.
When mother was in the nursing home the nurses loved to get chocolate candy.