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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ornaments and snow

I'm getting to the end of my decorations.  I have a whole lot more that I didn't put out this year.  Someday I would like to decorate every room in my home and I would still probably have a lot left over.  I thought I'd show you some tree ornaments.

This is our angel tree topper.  We bought it about a year or so after we were married.  So it's at least 30 years old.  I think we only had to put new light bulbs in once in all those years.  She's held up pretty well all these years.

These two were from a craft fair.

These two were from catalogs. 

This is a snowman my sister-in-law got for me.

 This little dove my husband had before we were married.  I have another Nativity that I used to put under the tree and we always hung this dove right above the Nativity.  The stable is kinda rickety now and I haven't put it up the last couple of years.  We still have been hanging the dove on the lower branch.  It's just waiting there for the stable to get fixed or if we ever get a new one.


We finally got our snow that we didn't get on Christmas.  We probably got a few inches since Sunday. 

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